The church building facing the large gates to Bushy Park has been there for over 160 years.  It was first set up to support families and children locally.  A Sunday School began around about 1850 in a hall.  This chapel soon followed and has therefore a long history of being part of the Hampton & Hampton Hill community. Originally it was one of the independent Congregational churches. The basis of their worship was a simple selection of hymns and readings in a service centred on the life of Jesus in the New Testament of the Bible.  It is very much like this today but with more modern hymns and new translations of the Bible.


In the late sixties several churches wanted to come together – to unite. These included the Presbyterian Church in England and the Congregational Church in England & Wales.  In 1971 one church was formed, a United Church.   Both groups believed in the simple faith in the Risen Lord Jesus who welcomes all who wish to know about Him directly and personally. This approach was established in Europe by people like Martin Luther and was called a Reformed approach – different from the previous tradition handed down from the church in Rome. When the uniting groups wanted a name these two ideas were central. A United and a Reformed Church was what we all had in common.


Serving the community

Our Church has served the community of Hampton and Hampton Hill continuously since 1867. In 1993 we undertook a major development at the back of the church to provide remodelled facilities to serve the community. This is called 'The Foyer' and is now the centre of premises lettings and has been in great demand since its construction.


Now in 2014 we are planning a significant remodelling at the front of the church to extend our service to members and the commiunity. Called Place to Go we are currently raising funds and expect to commence construction by 2017.


Our premises are in regular use throughout the week and and weekends but there is capacity for regular bookings and one-off bookings


If you wish to hire one or several rooms please contact Mike Grieveson on or call on 020 8979 7438.

The original school rooms before the construction of The Foyer

The Foyer

The Foyer, completed in 1994

The Foyer was concieved in the late 1980's to address the requirements introduced by the Children Act 1989. A play school had been operating in the premises but The Children Act required that premises used by children should meet minimum requirements that the existing buildings could not meet.


A scheme was proposed that replace existing the single storey school buildings. Named 'The Foyer' it was thought that the new development would actually be a foyer to the main church. The premises comprised a large central foyer leading on to a two storey block to accommodate a play school with dedicated toilets, an upper room, called the Sycamore room, church offices and the anti space to the sanctuary and the main hall, the Oak Room. 


Funds were raised including a very generous donation from the Hampton Fuel Allotment Charity. The builldings have been in daily use by community groups for the last twenty years.





Summer is coming and we wish you all a wonderful holiday.


20th July

Quiet Space 

from 7.30 pm.

A time just for you. 

Support is available as are refereshments.

Just come for a time out of the hustle and bustle to be still.




Join us every Sunday morning at 10.30 for praise and prayer.




For any issues of Safeguarding contact The Minister or Lay Leader at

The full Safeguarding policy is the recommended United Reformed Church statement.  It is available at the church or by using the above contact.  


Place to Play

Open EVERY Tuesday 

Easter holiday plans


Open term time from 09.00-12.00 throughout the year.


All families & children most welcome.


Open during half term & the school holidays, 10.00 - 12.00



Come and meet local families, make new friends and find somehere for the little ones to enjoy playing.


 Everyone is most welcome.


Cost:  £2.50 per family to include tea or coffee, drink and biscuits for the children too.

Twinkle Toes Dancing:

Ballet classes

Magical ballet classes that provide a great introduction into the dance world. Classes incorporate the use of props and fairytale story lines, and are suitable for both boys and girls aged 2 to 4 years old. Classes take place on Friday mornings in the Oak Room during term time.

For further details contact Gemma on 07 847 323 655


Tabletop sale on the High Street.  Homemade produce, gifts, plants, books and much more.  Come for a coffee and a chance to meet with friends.


Hampton HIll Community Choir

Come snd sing for fun!

Second and fourth Thursday of each month.


Summer dates:

Aprill 27th May 11 & 25

June 8th 

 7.30 - 9.30 pm  

You are most welcome. 

Place to Go development from Bushy Park

Place to Go is an exciting development that will transform the front of the church to provide additional facilities for members and community groups. We have Planning permission and are now rasing funds to commence construction. See our special web page for further details and how you can help realise the vision.

We remember those who fought in the Great War from 1914 to 1918. May we never forget them.