It is with great regret, in response to the Coronavirus outbreak and the Government edicts on assembly, social distancing and movement, that this church will be closed for  most  activities until further notice.


On recent Government advice the church will now be open for prayer.

Please use one of the email addresses below for any help or support you may need.  We will do our best:


Local Churches opening for prayer:




Hampton Hill United Reformed Church.

(High St. Hampton Hill)


Sunday    10.30 - 12.00

with worship from 11.00

Monday    11.00 - 1.00.  pm

Wednesday      2.00  - 4.00 pm

Saturday    10.00 -  12.00. noon.


Twickenham United Reformed Church.

(Twickenham Green):


Sunday    6.00 -     7.00pm

Monday    2.00 -     4.00pm

Wednesday.   10.00 - 12.00. noon

Friday        11.00 - 1.00 pm



Should you need  support in any way, please do contact; 


We pray that you stay safe and that our normal services can start again as soon as possible.


A poem.



COVID for all its worth


Creating community again in our suburban street

Where care for others, kindness, respect for those we meet

Dark lockdown discarded by warm words at your door.

This seems to have outstripped what we each were striving for.


Old gods have failed. Now we consider, nurture

Both what and how to make another future. 

The small, the local and my neighbour’s space,

New lingering moments where once the aircraft shrank our race.


A single bee teases nectar from the grey blue Hebe

Gently seeking across a morning’s new poppy

With no recourse or comment like  ‘I told you!’

She collects sufficient for one day or maybe two.



The complex beauty of each single flowering treat

Rests on the garden wind in today’s blinding heat

But neither blackbird nor greenfly are caught in my COVID tower.

The currants ripen, beans grow tall and flower.


My tiny personal risk, surely of no consequence,

Now impacts my neighbour, friend, leaving no defence.

I accept advice, ‘Withdraw! So not to endanger another.’

Here I find opportunity to get to know my brother.


A chance to listen, to hear absorb, now aware and still

Time has reset her pace and is renewed.  Silence a new thrill.

Stay a while, sense, stop  and see the change of pace.

Too many deaths to see my gift as something of His Grace.


The children play all across the park; ice creams delight 

All seems quite normal despite the COVID fear and fight.

What once required, assumed, now considered just an option

While a brief bus ride insists on masks, distancing, full of trepidation.


The nearby farm supplies the foodbank, hotels accommodate the homeless

Yesterday it could not be done; now new thinking lovely like a summer dress.

Time to call our friends, slow down, welcome each refreshing day

Sensing nature’s daily pattern or song, fresh plant or sun’s ray.



New ways to meet, work see and do. Streets free for cyclists to speed by.

Regular habits, routines or obligations gone despite what I might try.

The unsought for chance to make a new life altering choice. 

This gift of time, to be, accept, give,  present, amidst all the noise.



John Latham.   June 2020.




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